Instructions for slaughtering cutting saw

1、It is mainly used to cut carcass into two parts.

Manually operated start switch, safe to use.

The saw blade guide system makes the cutting more accurate.

Stainless steel shell, oil lubricated.

2、Maintenance before use:  

1) Check the electric double control handle before daily use or each time use. Press single one separately, the cutting saw will not be started. Press the front handle trigger and the rear handle trigger at the same time (the time interval of pressing the two triggers should not exceed one second), then the cutting saw will be started.The saw will stop working when you release one of the two triggers.

2)Clean and inspect the guide block for saw blade. If it is necessary,please adjust the distance between the two guide blocks.

3) Please fill the lubricating grease to the oil nozzle of the front axle regularly (once a day). Replace the lubricating oil after changing the bearing.

4) Check the rear wheels. Tighten the jam nut properly.

5) Check the cables and plugs. Please replace it if it is worn.

6)The water spraying is controlled by solenoid water valve.The solenoid valve will be open automatically when two handle switches are pressed at the same time.The water enters the pipeline and flows out through the nozzle.The cutting part will be cooled by water spraying automatically during cutting. The water spraying device will be closed automatically to save water when the operation is stopped.

3、Instructions for operating.

1) Installation for saw blade: The direction of saw-tooth is towards the driving direction.The saw-tooth of the driven wheel and the driving wheel is inward. The back flat of the saw blade is towards the machine cover.

2) Installation for balancer: The balancer is installed at the designated position for cutting. The upper end of the balancer is installed at the top rail by steel wire rope. The lower end of the balancer connect the hook of the half-cutting saw. There is an outer hexagonal bolt at the lower end of the balancer. It can adjust the weigh (kg) for the balancer.The Kilogram quantity will be increased by clockwise rotation of the bolt.The Kilogram quantity will be decreased by
counterclockwise rotation of the bolt. The maximum kilogram is 105kg, The minimum kilogram is 85kg. Adjust the balancer to the appropriate kilogram, until the cutting saw could go up and down easily.Put the saw between the two legs at the tailbone position, the driven wheel (front part) of the saw should point upward.

3)During the operation of cutting saw, the saw can continue to go down along the spine of the carcass after the tailbone is cracked,.

4) The cutting saw should be in a horizontal position when the saw cutting the waist of the carcass.

5).Do not put pressure to the cutting saw. Make sure that the saw is straight cutting.

6) When the saw reaches the shoulder and neck, the driven wheel (front part) of the cutting saw should point down.

7)There are broken bone pieces at front and rear guide blocks and rear wheel of the saw.Please wash the broken bone piece at any time.


4、 Cleaning after use.

There are dirt on the front and rear wheels, guide blocks and shell of the saw. Please clean the dirt with warm water. Take off the saw blade and apply edible grease on the saw blade to prevent the blade from rusting. Please Don’t spray the upper handle switch and the protection switch directly by water.

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