Different slaughtering equipment for processing different animals.

Pig slaughtering equipment: Automatic three-point (head and heart) electric numb machine, Flat conveyor with bloodletting groove, Lash type pig washer, Steam type scalding tunnel, Spiral dehairing machine, Air conveying system for hair, Hoisting machine , predrying machine , Automatic singeing oven , Cleaning machine, Quarantine conveyor for white viscera, Red viscera conveyor, Close type anomalous orbit for carcass bloodletting conveyor, Anomalous orbit switch , auto disinfection device for return hooks , Carcass unloading machine in cutting room, Dehairing machine for head and feet , Modular cutting and processing equipment.

Cattle slaughtering equipment: Twice hoisting leg reverse case for hanging cattle , Electric simulative device ,Pneumatic elevator with centralized falling drain tank ,Pneumatic elevator for take out white viscera , Auto-conveyor for carcass processing , Auto-conveyor for red viscera quarantine , Disc white viscera quarantine auto-conveyor line, Belt white viscera quarantine auto-conveyor line, Bloodletting auto-conveyor line, Carcass processing auto-conveyor line , Double speed tripe washer, Carcass unloading machine, Modular (nylon belt type) split and processing auto-conveyor .

Sheep slaughtering equipment: “V” type numb auto-conveyor, Anchor chain type bloodletting ( pull skin ,carcass processing) auto-conveyor line , Close type orbit bloodletting ( pull skin , carcass processing) auto-conveyor line , Synchronous quarantine auto-conveyor line for head and feed, Synchronous quarantine auto-conveyor for red and white viscera, Floor model synchronous quarantine auto-conveyor for white viscera , Synchronous quarantine auto-conveyor for red viscera, Trailing arm type sheep peeling machine , Drum-type sheep peeling machine etc.

Poultry slaughtering equipment: Chicken( duck and goose) cage washer , Chicken(duck and goose) cage conveyor , Anchor chain type auto conveying line , Baths type electric numb machine, Fluffy machine for duck and goose, Air-blowing type Immersion Scalding machine , Percolation type Immersion Scalding machine, Chicken (duck and goose ) head defeather machine(plucker) , “A” type defeather machine(plucker), Vertical combinatorial defeather machine(plucker) , Wax dip device, Wax cooling machine , Chicken (duck and goose ) paw processing machine, Automatic paw cutter, Auto unhooking device, Spiral pre-cooler, Carcass draining machine , cutting machine and conveyor, Skin peeling machine for paws, Gizzards cutter, etc.

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