S31.Vacuum Forming Machine of Fast Food Box

Vacuum Forming Machine (fast food box production line) is an all-powerful thermal forming machine with integration of vacuum forming ,press forming and synthetically forming .It can be used for processing many  kinds of plastic sheet .The machine adopts digital system , fully automatic PLC mechanical and electronic integration control ,touch screen to control the working program. It is easy to operate and of high efficiency .It is reliable, large forming area, fast speed highly automation and economic on manpower.
Technical Parameters

Unit Model
HY-640/850 HY-1100/1250
   Forming area mm 640×850 1100×1250
   Forming depth mm 130
   Production Efficiency S/Die 3-5
   Heating area mm 750×1700 1200×2800
   Installed power kw 75 120
   Installation Dimension m 13×2.5×1.6 15×2.6×1.8
   Adjusting temperature points Point  34 64
   Power supply  380V 50HZ  220V 60HZ
3 phase 380V 50HZ 3 phase 220V 60HZ

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