Z-1 Electric Numb Machine And Live Pig Hoist

1. The Automatic Three-point (head and heart) Electric Numb Machine.
It has been successfully developed by us in mainland of China, after consulting and following the foreign advanced technology, we have been entitled patent for it which is recognized as the first choice for the large or medium slaughtering factories while choosing pig electric numb machines. Moreover, it integrates spraying, conveying and electric numb shocking together, which solves problems lie in other kinds of electric numb equipments, such as bone broken, blood blocked, etc. In addition, it has the advantages of high productivity and quality meat.
2. Live Pig Hoist and Conveying Machine
It is conveying equipment for live pig to hoisting, and it can be used together with Manual Electric Numb Machine. Very suitable for medium and small slaughterhouse, has the advantages of small volume, convenient maintenance and simplicity of operation, etc.

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