How to choose your adequate slaughtering machines.

There are many different slaughtering machines for different animals: Cattle slaughtering machines, sheep/goat slaughtering machines, pig slaughtering machines, poultry slaughtering machines. You must understand only advanced slaughtering equipment can improve the overall company performance and achieve goals.

The following are important as to slaughtering equipment selection:
1)Customer's own financial capability(capacity and automation requirements)
2)Product requirements(fresh meat, chilling meat, cutting into small pieces)
3)Quality of operator (education level etc.)
4)Quality of engineering and maintenance team (Technical capability and responsibility etc.)
There are still a lot of other factors need to be considered. However, after thoroughly considering the above, we believe you will be adequately select slaughtering equipment based on your own situation and produce quality products.

Meat industry development can not be separated from advanced slaughtering machineries, let's strive together to create the bright future.

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