Development trends slaughtering equipment

In recent years, the rapid development of China's slaughtering equipment , the technology level is close to the foreign advanced technology. As more SMEs slaughter Equipment manufacturers appear , domestic slaughter machinery market competition, product quality is uneven , making some of the older slaughter Equipment manufacturers continue to develop new products and promote the development of domestic slaughter industry. The main direction of development of slaughtering equipment is mainly reflected in : 1 highly automated machinery Slaughtering equipment now increasingly high degree of automation , so that slaughter plants, food production costs greatly reduced, making the system Technology , modern management is implemented, and thus subject to large-scale slaughter plants and food firms. 2 quarantine , slaughter integration Slaughter pipeline to achieve slaughter , quarantine pipelined operations, both to ensure the efficient operation of the slaughter , guaranteed healthy food . 3 Make sure the quality of poultry meat , the maximum level of protection of the natural flavor of poultry Modern poultry slaughtering equipment lines need to protect the natural flavor and improve meat quality All in all, the development prospects of the domestic slaughter equipment is widely optimistic , slaughtering machinery industry is moving towards technical level of internationalization , slaughtered for Pipeline industry , management systematic direction. This article from the slaughtering equipment , slaughter machinery manufacturers - Qingdao Qixincheng Machinery Co, Ltd finishing editing .

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