S2.Package Strap Production Line

Comparing with steel strap, the PET straps has overcome some disadvantages such as worse elasticity, easily rusted, high price,etc. With strong stretching resistance, superior elasticity, low creep, excellent temperature resistance, good-looking, rusty resistance, low cost and some other advantages. It is widely used in the fields of steel, nonferrous metal, building material, chemical fiber, paper plant, glass, architecture, tobacco, electricity and others.
It is a new strap to substitute steel and PP straps. Additionally, the PET strap can be used to knit convey skeleton, which is widely applicable in driving belt. The raw material of PET strap is 100% bottle flanks. This is a very good environmental protection project. Good economic returns in unit length.
Superior elasticity, without sharp edge like steel strap, the PET straps will not damage the package material and hurt operator's hands. Not to need special tools when cutting is done, it also will not hurt operators even when it is tightly fastened.

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