S1.Thermal Insulation Pipe Line

  SJBG Series insulation pipe extrusion unit collect extrusion, vacuum molding, cooling, traction, cutting, unloading in one body. With a high degree of automation, high yield, stable performance, long life and so on characteristics, especially with inner pressure pipe production by compared, regardless from ring stiffness, bear pressure and so on various aspects performance index far exceeds 1/3, So far, the most advanced, the most popular anticorrosive insulation large pipe production line series products in the international market.

Size Caliber range mm Output kg/h Power kw
SJBG-Z90X30-425 Ø110- Ø425 200 130
SJBG-Z120X30-760 Ø450- Ø760 400 220
SJBG-Z150X30-1250 Ø850- Ø1250 700 350
SJBG-Z200X30-1860 Ø1380- Ø1860 1000 450

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